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Many of things which humanity is discovering everyday in all branches of science including Medicine were predicted by the Holy Quran over 14 centuries ago.


 Although there is a great inter-relationship between modern medicine and some of our Islamic teachings, the criterions and characteristics  of Islamic Medicine are that it is involved with Divine Ethics and Faith in Allah as the supreme authority.

Comprehensive, paying attention to body and spirit, the individual and society, protecting the moral values which are lacking in many societies causing an increase in number of illegitimate children and unhappy families.

It is Guided and Oriented not willing to destroy even a single unborn baby.

Islamic Medicine is also Universal, utilising all useful resource and offering its services to all.

It is Scientific and the basic Islamic teaching asserting that there is a cure for every illness ( and it is up to us to find it ).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said : " Allah never inflicts a disease without providing a cure ..."
Dr. Sharif Kaf Al-Ghazal